PRO Subscription- how to stand out more when you donate

  • 29 July 2019
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First, what is Streamlabs PRO?
Streamlabs PRO is an optional paid service to get additional effects when you donate, Check out this video for mode details.

Why should I become a PRO user?
Once you go PRO you will gain access to an exclusive feature we're calling Name Effects and skipping the alert queue when donating!
You'll get to pick and customize an effect that will show up on your name in every follow, tip, sub, and resub alert you're in!

What can I use to pay for PRO?
You can only sign-up for Streamlabs Pro with PayPal. If you are donating with a credit card and would like to make use of pro, make sure you are logged in and then enter the subscription with PayPal via "Pro Settings" found in the top-right drop-down menu on the tipping page!

What is the money used for?
Our services are 100% free for broadcasters, so we need some help to continue supporting the broadcasters you love.

How can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your active Streamlabs Pro subscription at any time on any donation page, via the top-right drop-down menu "Pro Settings" while logged in or on this pro manage page. If you have multiple streaming service accounts that you might have used during a donation, check each of them.

If you are unable to cancel, please submit an email ticket via this form to us and we will resolve this as soon as possible. To speed up the process, included your PayPal email or the first 4 and last 4 numbers of your credit card whichever is being charged for Streamlabs Pro!

Refund Policy?
If you cancel within 72 hours of starting the subscription, you'll be refunded automatically and if that window has passed you can request a refund manually via this form and we will get this done as soon as possible. We offer a 60 day, no questions asked refund policy on all Streamlabs Pro viewer subscriptions.

See the screenshot below for more information how to cancel Streamlabs Pro on any Streamlabs donation page;

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