New All-Star Rewards FAQ

New All-Star Rewards FAQ
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We're making some changes to our All-Star program! Here are some FAQs to help you understand these changes and all that comes with them.

1. Why are you making this change?
- Our goal is to create an exciting loyalty program with significant rewards for using our tools that will ultimately help grow your channel. The rewards include clothing, graphics, games, hardware, event tickets, sponsorships and more.

2. What about the hoodie?
- The all-new exclusive Champion x SL Hoodie can be redeemed once achieving Platinum status (500 points) + other rewards available
- The exclusive Gold Tier T-shirt can be redeemed once achieving Gold status (200 points) + other rewards available
- The legacy All-star hoodie has been discontinued

3. Is this available for YT/Mixer?
- We are working on it, but currently just for Twitch

4. What other benefits are there?
- Exclusive shirts, hoodies, graphics, games, hardware, event tickets and more.

5. Do my points/status ever expire?
- No

For more information about the new All-Star rewards head to the All-Star page to check out your status and available rewards.

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Hello there. i open my dashboeard and i see the All Stars unlocked for me . means i am All Star member or no?
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Yes, the new All-Stars program is now available for all Twitch users.

Each user can advance through the program via a tiers model (silver, gold & platinum).

Each tier will unlock new rewards!
oh i feel so fool now lol. thank you very much for your replys appreciate that
How do I get to plat? How many concurrent viewers do I need? I am averaging over 100 and it has not upgraded me to plat
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How do I get to plat? How many concurrent viewers do I need? I am averaging over 100 and it has not upgraded me to plat


Plat is 500 CCV 🙂
@misskaddykins I know that I meant whats the requirement stream avg number to be plat? haha
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The way that you qualify for certain tiers is strictly through CCV/points.

1CCV=1 point

You will nee to reach 500 points to reach platinum status.
I was wondering, how to use the game code giveaway? It seems like theres a full code on the banner for that reward, i want to if possible give that to one of my viewers but you cant click on it or anything, is that for like the BL3 giveaway kind of thing?
@Edd how do you earn those point a side from the things you can activate like merch, face mask?
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Hey @LittleCheetahCub !

The way the game code giveaway works is, you enter a giveaway for one of the games here:

If you win one of these games you are given one of the three game codes that for that specific game.
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Hey there @bijnagamers !

You can earn points via these ways here:

As well as through CCV. So the more you stream and the more CCV's you gain the more points you will receive! The more points you receive the better chance you have at opening a new tier for yourself. 🙂
When it says concurrent viewers = 1 point... if i averaged 200 on one stream i would get 200 points and then next stream say i get 10 viewers would i get an additional 10 viewers. What I'm trying to say is the points do they go up per stream or is it concurrent viewers in all give you a point. Basically meaning it would take you to average 4900 viewers before you could get legend.
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CCV does not equate to the number of viewers you have per stream, it accounts for the overall average amount of viewers you have ha based on your past streams.

So if you had 5 viewers one stream, then 10 the next and then 21 the next stream, your CCV/average viewership would be: 12 CCV.

Hope this clears things up!
Hello I am in the All Stars program but I dont know how to claim the rewards I am currently on the silver tier can anyone help me?
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Hey @Relayxz when you are on the Rewards page look on the right, you'll find the giveaways you can enter here 😃 to enter them simply click one and then hit "Enter Giveaway"
Hello! I just entered into the All-Stars program but I dont know if the giveaways are the rewards. I just wanted to know if the rewards they say you can claim are the giveaways on the side?
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Hey @Pikachu30522 !

Yes the rewards that can be claimed on the giveaways to the bottom right. 🙂