Credits to show all supporters at end of stream- complete setup

  • 12 March 2019
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Credits to show all supporters at end of stream- complete setup
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Here are the steps on how to set up rolling credits to celebrate viewers who supported you during your stream:
  1. Login to Streamlabs
  2. Go to widgets
  3. Select Credits
  4. Customize your Credits widget
  5. Get the widget URL or add as a widget in Streamlabs OBS
  6. Click "Roll Credits Live" while you are live.
Please note that step (6) will work only when your stream is live and will only show data from the current stream in progress. This means that if you end your stream and or if your stream crashes - details from past session will not be shown.

You can customize the widget in the

You can view the preview of how it will appear on stream at the top of the settings page.

Please note that after making changes to your widgets, it's always best to refresh your widgets in your streaming software to make sure you're seeing the most current changes that have been made.

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2 replies

I am really interested in using this function through Streamlabs. I have a question however: If I am just running OBS and not the Streamlabs-OBS version if this widget will still work with my stream? I was under the impression that if you don't use Streamlabs-OBS you need to have a background browser open to the Recent Activity page of Streamlabs for any of the widgets to work. Am I off here?
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Hey there!

Yes it should still work. Simply copy the widget URL of the Credits widget and paste it into a browser source! It is always recommended to have your Alert Box and Recent events as well!