Unlink Patreon from incaccessible account?

  • 29 March 2020
  • 2 replies

I started a new Twitch and Streamlabs account recently; iamkahura. My older account named eloquentfalcon is now disabled and I cannot unlink my Patreon from it to add integrate to my new accounts. Is there a function to do this now? Or could an admin please unlink it for me as I’ve seen in other similar posts?

2 replies

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Hey @iamkahura,

After reviewing your account information, I was able to verify you own both of these accounts. I have removed your Patreon integration from 
eloquentfalcon. I hope that helps!

Unable to link Patreon to Evindale account, claims already linked elsewhere.  Possible, but no other accounts are active at this time.  Please unlink?


(Was unable to open new ticket for some reason, apologies if post in incorrect area.)