Monstercat Music Player

  • 15 March 2020
  • 4 replies

I had the player before the Prime subscription feature was implemented and recently the player disappeared. I never cancelled anything, im still subscribed to Monstercat Gold, and in the app store in Slobs it says to “resub to get access to the music player.” It also says it is still installed. What happened?

4 replies

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Hey there, 

Are you able to enable it in your installed app settings


I have the same problem, but there isn’t an “Installed Apps” option in my settings.

Ah! It appeared my monstercat pro sub had stopped. Kicking it off again made it reappear.

I haven’t found an answer to this yet…

I had a Gold membership with Monstercat outside of Streamlabs, and I recently got Prime in Streamlabs.

I installed the Monstercat App, but I don’t have the option to look at my installed apps under the SLOBS settings (as was mentioned above in this thread) it doesn’t show up.

When I open the app from the Streamlabs site, it opens in SLOBS, but says “Facebook Not Supported” in the upper right. I don’t know why it would say that, I stream only with Twitch….

Any advise on how I can fix this?