• 25 March 2020
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Hello everyone,

I want make a live stream with streamlive obs.

But i need in live stream invited other peoples for participation in video.

Please, can help me ?

2 replies

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Hey @Informe Invest,

This may be best accomplished by capturing a video chat window. There are many programs like that out there, but I find that zoom works well. Once a call is received, you can capture that chat window bt adding a window capture source in Streamlabs OBS. Once that is chosen, you can select your Zoom window in the properties of that source. 

I hope that helps!

I have two YouTube accounts and I want to stream to my second YouTube account. The problem I have is that my primary Streamlabs account is linked to one of my YouTube accounts. I found out that I need to create another Streamlabs account to be able to stream to my second YouTube account. So I have two questions. First, how do I get the quick login to go away? I cannot login to my second account using SLOBS due to this. Secondly, does a quick way exist to export or use all my current sources, scenes, transitions, widgets pretty much everything I already have in my second Streamlabs account without having to set it up all over again?