IOS 13 invalid broadcast session

  • 1 December 2019
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Whenever I try to stream on my iPhone 6s it says. “failed to start an invalid broadcast session” I have 2FA enabled and I have deleted the app signed out and signed back in. I know my connection is good as well. Sometimes, I stream and it doesn’t say invalid but the stream is black and is loading the whole stream. This started happening AFTER the update. Please respond with a solution! Thank you! (Mobile Streamlabs App)

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35 replies

I have the same problem.. any solution so far?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! sorry for being a pain lol

following for the same issue...

Hello there. Have the same problem, iPad2018 ios 13

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@Aleksey Fankin  @2ez Clan @Bunnibelll 



What mobile devices are you using and what versions of those devices are they? 


We are still looking into this issue at this time but we will add your information to our devs once we receive this from you.



I am using a iPad 6th gen

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@2ez Clan 

And you’ve tried uninstalling & reinstalling the app & logging out and back into it to see if that would do anything at all correct?

@Edd  I have already tried that. I can stream the camera without a problem. I only have twitch, no other platform.

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Hey there!

Can you please provide a screenshot of the issue?

Also please confirm your iOS Software version and Streamlabs App version.  Thank you!

iOS 13 and streamlabs mobile version 2.1.10

My screen just loads like that with a black screen for the whole stream. Please help me thx @jat0rz 

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Hey again!

Thanks for the info.

What is that a screenshot of though?  A tablet from your phone?

I need to see a screenshot of the mobile app from your phone.

Yes I have tried all of those


I screenshot yes my settings but idk why mixer ingest is not accessible. Idk what u want a screenshot of but here.

I took the picture above from my phone to my chromebook. That’s what comes up when I stream. @jat0rz 

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@2ez Clan @Fury MAD GAMING 

Are you streaming to an event or a persistent channel?

Please try to stream via a Custom RTMP as a platform (Settings > Platform > Custom RTMP, paste stream url and key from youtube).





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Hey again,

That is not what I need either.

You said it gives you an error.  I need a screenshot of the error.

Your “Mixer” ingest is for Mixer.  You are signed in with your Twitch account.  Click Twitch preferences if you want to see your ingest for Twitch.

@jat0rz pls reply

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Hey all, 

The team is still looking into this for iPad users. Perhaps look into changing your permissions for Streamlabs app so it is fully allowed to stream.

For further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.



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Hey again!

Please have a little patience.  I will get back to you as quickly as I can.




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Hey again!

No problem, but I did reply to you above so let me know if that helps.

@jat0rz It stopped saying broadcast is invalid, but I just tried streaming. The red bar at the top of my phone appeared and it said “streamlabs is broadcasting your screen”. The stream was on and the timer started but the stream just kept loading like the screenshot above. Idk what the issue could be. My connection is good, my phone isn’t on low battery mode. idk what to do.

I am having this problem and it’s really triggering lol


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Hey again!

The stream kept loading where?  Did you try watching your stream on your phone?  What is your stream URL?  I want to see when you go live.

Hey! That is my link to my stream! Once u respond I will go live! @jat0rz