IOS 13 invalid broadcast session

  • 1 December 2019
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35 replies

I have also the same issue. Ipad Air 2 all newest versions 2fa enabled. Logged in out. reinstalled app.. nothing works

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@Vrgz_zr @EnjoyMrban 


Hey there!

Could you both log out of in your browser, clear your browser cache and cookies and log back in.


Then log out of Twitch in the mobile app, close the app out, re-open the app and log back in.


Tyr to go live again.


Do you also have this same issue when you try to go live to other platforms? 

@Edd  I have already tried that. I can stream the camera without a problem. I only have twitch, no other platform.

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@2ez Clan @Fury MAD GAMING 

Are you streaming to an event or a persistent channel?

Please try to stream via a Custom RTMP as a platform (Settings > Platform > Custom RTMP, paste stream url and key from youtube).





I have the same problem.. any solution so far?

Same problem. Please tell me there’s a solution.

I just don't use streamlabs because it doesn't work. Easy.

I share the screen of my ipad on the mac and stram via obs.

Hi, just spoke to Apple. It’s not a Streamlabs problem, it’s Apple.


Photo Below:



@AppleWontLetMeStream  So does that mean that no iPad can stream on Streamlabs

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Hey all, 

The team is still looking into this for iPad users. Perhaps look into changing your permissions for Streamlabs app so it is fully allowed to stream.

For further assistance, please join us on discord or submit a ticket.