• 9 March 2020
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Hi there, on Jan 31th I paid for a prime subscription ($149) and now I need an invoice or billing receipt, i have logged in and search the site again and again and i cant find anything. Please help me before i loose my mind! This is stupid =S

4 replies

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Hey there!

With the email under your account, you should have receipts for the purchase in your inbox.
Search the keyword “Prime” or double-check that they are within your emails inbox.

If trouble persists, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team, here:



i would like to open an own ticket, but i cant choose a “subject”.

So i am replying here.


i also want to download my invoices or get them  monthly per mail.

I need it every month, so please contact me streamlabs, thanks! :)

Here first of all, out of no where in May 2020, you subscribed my account without my permission to Streamlabs pro. You took 11.98$ without my permission, and this month you made another payment without my permission. I barely even use Streamlabs, you cannot just confirm payments. You signed up for something I never did. I would like every bit of my money in return, unsubscribe from whatever I am subscribed to.


You must ensure before taking a customers’ credit cards, debits card, billings, and paypal purchases are all authorised by the owner. Mobile payments are included. You took my bills without my consent.


AND NOT only has this happened to me but it seems like has happened to many and many of other customers. Do not delete this post without notifying me.


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Hi @AtlasNeptune !

Please send a ticket and team will be cancel also refund →