Capture Just A Black Screen

  • 1 April 2020
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Hello, I’m Having An Issue With Streamlabs Not Capturing Anything. Since I First Downloaded Streamlabs, My Display Capture Has Never Worked, And Over The Past Couple Of Days,  My Game Capture Is Now Just A Black Screen With What Appears To Be Either Unmovable, and/or Doesn’t Exist, And My Window Capture Doesn’t Give Me The Option To Capture Any Games (Only Things Like Xbox Game Bar, Firefox, etc...)

I’ve Tried Doing Everything Recommended Here:, And Here:, And It Has Not Fixed The Issue(s),

(I Use Streamlabs On My Laptop Btw)

Is This An Issue With Streamlabs Or My Computer?



3 replies

It Worked! for me after researching for 3 days now. Thanks so much!!!

It worked. Thank you so much

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Hey @Fr0st3dF1ak3s,

Sorry to hear you are having issues here. If your editor screen is being non-responsive, I believe this can be resolved by a layout modification. 

To do this, first go to your layout editor in Streamlabs OBS. <> Now click and drag an “Editor Display” component over to where you want to be able to see and edit the appearance of your stream. <> Next, click on the “Save Changes” button in the upper right corner, then go back to your Streamlabs editor tab. <> You should now be able to modify and see your sources. 

Show below is a reliable way to ensure that you will have a working capture for your game on stream when using a laptop. 

First, add a display capture source. <> Go to your Streamlabs OBS advanced settings and make sure “Force GPU as render device” is not checked. <> Then, go to settings -> general, and click this box to disable hardware acceleration, then restart Streamlabs OBS. <> Now right click Streamlabs OBS, hover over  "run with graphics processor" and click "integrated graphics." <> If you follow these steps exactly in this order, it should resolve your issue.