alerts get stuck on mobile stream

  • 24 February 2020
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I’m testing out streaming gameplay from my phone but the alerts don’t work properly. 

Whenever I send a test alert from the website it plays for 5 seconds and then gets stuck on screen. I have set it to fade out after 10 seconds, but it doesn’t do that.

I have tried reinstalling the app, logging in and out on both the app and on the website while also deleting and then re-adding the alert box widget in the app and the alert image and sound on the website.

When I try to remove the alert box in the app, it does remove the stuck alert, but when I then try to re-add the alert box it won’t show any alerts at all anymore. It will only play the sound. The only way to get an alert to show up again is to log out and back into the app and redo everything. But then it gets stuck after playing one alert again.

Nothing works, whenever I play a test alert, it gets stuck and then just stays on screen forever. Any test alerts I send after the first one won’t get played at all. 

18 replies

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Hey! This is very unusual, and I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I’ve created a ticket with our devs, and one of us will respond to you with more information once they look into it.

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Can you tell me if you are using Android or Apple for your device?

Can you tell me if you are using Android or Apple for your device?

I’m using Android. If a dev or anyone else wants to have a go at trying to solve the problem, I can go live on my test channel and try different things. Maybe that’ll make it easier.

so? :thinking:

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Hey there @iina 


Are you connecting via 4G, or Wi-Fi? 

@ghosteez via Wi-Fi. I just want to stream a mobile game from home since I don’t have a good enough pc to stream. And streamlabs is the only app that does screenrecording that I could find.

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Hey there @iina 


Typically they get stuck due to a poor connection. Are you on 2.4ghz wifi, do you have a 5ghz connection you can utilize if so?


Are you using default alerts, or webms, like from a theme? 

I’m on 2.4ghz wifi and I don’t have a dual band router, so I can’t switch to 5ghz. I’m sitting right next to the router and it says the connection is excellent. I haven’t done any test streams for longer than 10 minutes yet, but so far in the streams themselves I’ve never noticed a connection issue.
So I guess it’s fine for streams but for alerts the connection isn’t good enough?

The only thing I changed about the alerts is I chose the penguin and the new-message-4 sound instead of the zombie and the standard sound.. I didn’t add any webms files.

am I going to get any other suggestions or was that it now? the connection is good enoug for streaming but not good enough to play alerts without them getting stuck?

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Hi there @iina!

Apologies for the delay, you said you were on an Android could you send over some more information so I can let the dev’s know this is still causing you issues:

What device/table are you using

What Android OS you are currently running &

What version of our app do you have

Please send this info over so we can update our team.


Hi @TheBritishAndy !

I’m using a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone and I’m not using any table :wink:
it’s running Android 10 QKQ1.190825.002
the Streamlabs Version is 2.2.1-104

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Hi @TheBritishAndy !

I’m using a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone and I’m not using any table :wink:
it’s running Android 10 QKQ1.190825.002
the Streamlabs Version is 2.2.1-104

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded this information to the team.

However, could you try the following:
Try a new widget theme and use a standard image.

Additionally, what are your streaming settings set to for mobile?

@Nevermind I tried that and it got stuck again during the third test alert.

And as I said before, as far as I remember, the only changes I made to the default theme was that I chose another one of the standard images (the penguin) and another standard sound (new-message-4).

When I create a new widget theme it automatically uses the default theme as the starting point. I chose another image and sound for this new theme, but I don’t remember if I changed anything about the alert or text animation, alert duration, alert text delay, font settings or alert variations in the default theme. So if that can possibly lead to the alerts getting stuck then I need to know what all the standard settings were so I can revert potential changes I might have made but forgot about.

I have the same problem. I am on a POCOPHONE F1. I have tried on other devices and it is the only device where the alerts freeze after a couple of seconds.

I think there's a problem on Xiaomi phones.

Has anyone found a fix for this??? This was reported 4 months ago 😒 I just bought the realme x2 and it's got the same issue. I had originally used the ZTE Max Pro and the Motorola G4 and haven't had any issues. You're telling me that a better phone can't handle Streamlabs mobile? Yes my device and apps are up to date. Yes I got amazing wifi. My settings are consistent across all phones. Now why isn't it working? It freezes and stays there. We all want to have alerts you know. 

My stream was okay but suddenly mu too. Need a solution now, i cant thanks my new followwrs or donators.

Same problem on redmi note 8 pro