Streamlabs Chatbot sound file [Invalid file] console output

  • 31 March 2020
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So I have the Streamlabs Chatbot formerly known as Ankhbot set up on my streaming PC. What I have done for sound files is:

  1. Make sure it's an mp3 file and add it under sound files in Chatbot. Used pick to find the file so it would automatically add the path.

  2. Gave it a name and pressed submit.

  3. Made a command for the sound file as well. Bit premature since not even preview was working.

So when I tried the preview of the sound file it wouldn't work and in the console I would see:

"[Invalid file] with the path to the file."

Same when I used the command, rather obviously but let's just include it.


  1. Went through the list on sound problem in Streamlabs support page everywhere, starting with The audio output.

  2. Tested audio engines.

  3. Made sure the file existed which could be played in windows in other programs such as VLC.

  4. Made sure it was an .mp3 file.

  5. Made sure Chatbot wasn't muted.

  6. The other solutions only applied to if the preview worked but you didn't get sound from the chat command.

  7. Tested multiple sound files.

  8. Tested it on another computer with Chatbot and the same settings and it worked as it should. Sadly this is the wrong computer since I don't stream on it.

I'm rather in the dark as to why Chatbot would say it is an invalid file while the same program on another computer plays it as it should. Hell even my computer with Japanese locale and computer language worked properly, was worried about the backlashes being yen signs but apparently Chatbot understand. Still wrong PC though. Does anyone have ideas why Chatbot would return Invalid file in the console and how I would solve this?

1 reply

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Hey @albikalbi,

When you said that you tested other sound files, did those work? If so, try converting the broken sound file to a different format in VLC and then convert that file back to MP3. If that does not help, could you please provide screenshots of the file path in Chatbot for both the broken and functioning sound files if applicable? Also, could you please open the properties if that sound file in Windows and take a screenshot showing the properties?