!raffle not working

  • 3 April 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m trying to run a giveaway but I can’t get the !raffle command to work. I’ve been testing for a while now and all commands I have in place work, but when I run a giveaway, the command !raffle does nothing. I’ve done this in the past with success on Twitch but nothing is working on Youtube.

2 replies

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Hey @TrueSonic TV,

Sorry to hear you are having issues here! Could you try to see if this still works on Twitch but not YouTube at the moment? You may also want to try turning off Cloudbot for a few minutes then turn it back on here <>.

Let us know if that helps!

Hi, i have the same problem and disable cloudbot and enable not works to me. Any idea what I can do to resolve that issue?