• 1 April 2020
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Hi, I am trying to get cloudbot loyalty system to work. I have it set up correctly as I correlated with a friend who has it, but it still does not work.  I can use the command !points and it shows everyone has zero points but when i try to give anyone points or just wait it out no one gets points.  Trying to give points it states it can not find the person at all.  i tried turning it off for 5 mins and turning it back on but that does not work either.  Is there anyway to fix it?

1 reply

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Hey @TakeoverX,

After looking into your Streamlabs account for Twitch, it looks like viewers are accumulating points in your Cloudbot loyalty. If this issue is still persisting, can you please let us know a few more things?

` Are points not working for some users or all?
` Take screenshots of this error occurring