Chatbot token generation for youtube

  • 31 March 2020
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So I am trying to connect Streamlabs chatbot to my YouTube account and I can’t figured it out how. I installed Streamlabs Chatbot and I’m trying to run the wizzard but it’s freezes after I enter my youtube bot account. Nevermind, I skiped the wizzard and I’m trying to connect to my streamer account i got an error like this 

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.

1 reply

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Hey @Se7enAlpha,

Could you please try to go through the wizard again? First, clear your internet browser cache, log out of YouTubecom and make sure all APIs are working Then, log into your bot account. This should be different than your streaming YouTube account. Make sure to allow permissions and you should be ready to go to your connection settings in Chatbot. There, you can connect your stream, bot, and Streamlabs accounts. Make sure to generate new tokens and hit connect. If you can not get past one or many of these stages in the wizard, please let us know and post screenshots of the errors your are receiving. 

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