Chat Box not working on imac

  • 2 April 2020
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Hi guys,

I am a mac user and have just downloaded Streamlabs OBS.

I have watched all the tutorials setting up chat box and did not work when i did a live stream test (locked - only i could see footage on Facebook live)

I did log in and log out - restart computer - EVERYTHING!

Is this a new issue for all ?


1 reply

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Hey @Pete Portoglou,

For the chat box to function properly,  you will need to be streaming to a Facebook page you manage and not your personal wall. If you are streaming to a page, can you check to see that the side dock chat works or not in Streamlabs OBS <>? This can be opened by clicking the arrow here <>. If both are not working, try clearing your internet browser cache, and then log out and back into Streamlabs OBS here <>. Also, ensure you are using recommended streaming settings and not a custom RTMP ingest server in your Streamlabs OBS stream settings. 

If you have done all of these steps and it is still not working, try reinstalling Streamlabs OBS and then deleting and adding back your chat box widget. 

I hope this helps!