Chat bot for Macos Stream labs

  • 1 April 2020
  • 3 replies

Any idea when Mac OS will get the other awesome features like chat bot and etc? Iam very happy to see that they have released Stream labs for Mac OS. 

3 replies

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Hey @Keerthi Chandan Jillepally,

While a Mac release of Chatbot is not planned, please feel free to try out our Cloudbot found here! If you would like to, you can submit your idea for a Mac version of the Chatbot here for the community to vote on. 

I hope that helps!

Then they could provide a way to change the name of the chatbot...
I'm having a loss of retention in my lives. because people don't want to see a "bot" name in my live follow-up

Cloudbot is just not the same dude. I want to set up sound commands, I want to set up so many other things that can only really be done through chatbot. I really wish they would just give us a macOs version of chatbot.