• 11 September 2019
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Hey guys, I'm SirLeigh [sur-lee].

Favorite Games: Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and almost anything that relates to horror.

Hours Streamed: 2500+

Streamlabs Role: Streamer Success Representative

Work Schedule: I work from 8:00PM to 4:00AM EST most nights. Hit me up if you have any issues with any of the Streamlabs products on Discord or Twitter and I'll be happy to help.

Who am I?: I've been streaming since December 2016, and am the founder of To Be Determined, which is one of the largest official teams on Twitch. I have a degree in marketing and a second in graphic design, and worked in marketing agencies until I started streaming full-time at the beginning of 2019. Now I work for Streamlabs and goof-off on Twitch when I get the chance.

Oh, and I have a wife, two dogs, two cats, and a mountain bike, all of which I love equally.

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