Hey! jat0rz reporting for duty!

  • 4 March 2019
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Favorite Game: The Witcher Series

Hours Streamed: 227 (I'm a slightly less n000b than Eric)

Role at Streamlabs: Streamer Success Team and Technical Support

Proof I know what im doing: https://builds.gg/builds/the-green-machine-5126

What is a moment in gaming you'll remember for the rest of your life: Streaming Trials carries in Destiny and getting my start to streaming. The feeling of excitement and pride when accomplishing the carries and seeing the support was like nothing else!

Anything else we should know? Sure. I love Technology. I will never stop learning about the newest, latest and greatest things and bringing them to the table when assisting you! I have been in the Tech Support industry for over 10 years and look forward to continuing with you!

Work Schedule: Friday to Tuesday - 9AM to 5PM EST
Thank you!

Streamlabs Staff

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