Hey guys! I'm Eric

  • 14 February 2019
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Favorite Game: 🧙‍♂️ Magic the Gathering (followed by Starcraft)

Hours Streamed: 160 (I'm a n000b)

Role at Streamlabs: Head of Growth and Marketing

What is a moment in gaming you'll remember for the rest of your life: While still in the first world up on the plateau in Breath of the Wild, I climbed up to the highest vista and looked out over the horizon. My jaw literally dropped as the sheer quantity of land to explore sunk in. That game rules.

Anything else we should know? Some decks in Magic the Gathering seem unbeatable. If you're having trouble winning against a certain deck, just start piloting it instead to learn firsthand how it loses. (This may seem obvious but it took me like 15 years to learn for some reason).

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