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  • 19 August 2019
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Hey there, Nicole here!
You may know me on Discord, Twitch, and Twitter as Nevermind or nvm.

Favourite Game(s): Pokemon, Pokken, Tekken, The Legend of Dragoon, Dynasty Warriors, Ashes of Creation, Apex Legends, Halo ( Halo 2 ❤ ). I'll essentially give all new releases a thorough and honest try. MMO, RPG, and FPS junkie.

Hours Streamed: 3000+

Work Schedule: Feel free to reach out to me Monday - Friday 9-5AM Pacific.
Have an issue with Streamlabs OBS? Know anyone experiencing troubles? I'll be more than happy to assist!

Streamlabs Role: Streamer Success

Extra Bitties: When not in office, I enjoy spending time with my puppy, Odin, and my cat, Se7en. In addition to that, I adore traveling, trying new foods, and attending anime and gaming conventions.
Streaming has been a passion of mine over the past few years and as of May 2019, I made the leap to share my knowledge with aspiring and established creators by taking up my position at Streamlabs.

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