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  • 13 March 2019
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Follow the rules below to ensure a welcoming and helpful experience for all Streamlabs community members.

1. This is a family friendly community forum. No swearing or NSFW topics.

2. No hate speech, racism, drama, political talk, trolling, or spam.

3. Respect all other community members.

4. If Streamlabs Staff or Moderators ask you to change your behavior, listen and comply.

5. No Advertising or self promotion in any posts or DMs- You will be banned if you are reported for this behavior. This includes links to your channel/social media or others.

6. Do not give your login credentials to anyone, and do not let strangers screen-share or remote control.

7. Please try to follow forum topics and search for for an answer to your question using the search bar before posting a new topic.

8.You get a warning, and then you will be banned if you continue your behavior; you may be banned without warning if your behavior is severe.

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